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In The Box
  • 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit
  • 540-brushed type motor
  • TBLE-04S ESC, which is compatible with brushless motors (sensored) of 21.5 turns and higher, and Tamiya brushed motors 25 turns and over
  • Product manual
Needed to Complete
  • 2-channel radio and receiver system
  • 7.2-7.4V battery pack
  • Compatible charger
  • Steering servo
  • Polycarbonate body paint
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This RC Cars for sale model assembly kit recreates the 2020 Ford GT Mk II track-only supercar. The MK II was built to celebrate Fords race winning heritage at Le Mans which was accomplished with the legendary GT40 MKII back in 1966. This version of the Ford GT will be limited to 45 hand-built machines, but the Tamiya RC Cars for sale version is available for all fans!

The accurately depicted Ford GT MK II body is made of polycarbonate and ABS plastic wing and mirror pieces, which sits on top of our most builder user friendly TT-02 entry-level on-road chassis.

The shaft-driven 4WD TT-02 chassis employs a longitudinal layout with the battery on the left and the motor on the right, to give excellent stability. In addition, it features identical left and right suspension arms and uprights for ease of assembly, plus easy-to-maintain gearboxes. It is a highly adaptable chassis, as it offers 2 different wheelbases, 2 ground clearance settings and 2 tread set-ups in addition to a range of 10 possible gear ratios. It is not short on looks either, with brake disc-shaped wheel hubs and stylish front bumper supports. Gun metal color 10-spoke wheels and slick tires make for a racy finish.


  • 1/10 scale RC Cars for salemodel assembly kit. Length: 479mm, width: 188mm, height: 112mm. Wheelbase: 257mm.
  • The ultra-honed form of the car is recreated in lightweight polycarbonate, with separate parts used to depict flying buttresses, rear wing and side mirrors.
  • Body comes clear and is made of polycarbonate with ABS plastic wing and mirror parts.
  • Stickers are included to decorate the body as the car appeared in its unveiling.
  • Twin five-spoke wheels with slick tires.
  • The TT-02 chassis is a highly versatile shaft-driven 4WD unit, based around a durable bathtub.
  • 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension has identical arm and upright parts for ease of maintenance.
  • A wide range of Hop-Up Option parts is available to customize your chassis.
  • Includes 540-brushed type motor.
  • Includes TBLE-04S ESC. Compatible with brushless motors (sensored) of 21.5 turns and higher, and Tamiya brushed motors 25 turns and over.

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