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Instant Repair Parts & Upgrades

If you drive an RC Car or truck, sooner or later, something might break. Taking a tumble down a hill or landing a jump hard can mean you need to tighten, replace, or fix a part. Unlike toy remote control cars and trucks, hobby-grade RC car parts and upgrades are readily available. RC Cars, has a vast range of RC parts and upgrades to choose from for practically every RC car or truck on the market.

What are remote control cars ?

Remote control cars, often shortened to RC cars, are miniature model vehicles controlled wirelessly from a distance. They come in various types, from realistic scale replicas of real cars to fantastical buggies and trucks, and offer a range of driving experiences depending on your goals and preferences.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes RC cars so exciting:

Control Mechanism:

Primarily controlled by radio waves, allowing for precise and responsive steering, acceleration, and braking from a handheld transmitter.

Some use infrared (IR) signals, but their range is shorter and more susceptible to interference.

High-end models might have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi integration for advanced features and customization.

Types of RC Cars:

On-road Cars: For smooth pavement surfaces, resembling real sports cars, touring cars, or drift vehicles.

Off-road Trucks and Buggies: Designed for rough terrain, featuring large tires, high ground clearance, and powerful suspension for tackling dirt, rocks, and even water.

Monster Trucks: Giant, lifted trucks built for maximum fun and spectacle, often capable of crushing obstacles and performing impressive stunts.

Scale Models: Detailed replicas of specific cars or trucks, focusing on accuracy and realism for collectors and enthusiasts.



What Makes Them Fun?

The Thrill of Control: Feel the rush of speed and excitement as you maneuver your car around a track, conquer obstacles, or drift through corners.

Customization and Tuning: Tinker with your car’s suspension, gearing, and electronics to tailor its performance to your driving style and preferred terrain.

Competition and Community: Race against friends or join organized events to test your skills and connect with other passionate RC enthusiasts.

Creative Outlets: Build your own custom RC car, design and paint your body, or even create your own miniature racetracks and obstacles.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging hobby, a way to relive your childhood dreams of zooming around with miniature cars, or just a fun activity to share with friends and family, RC cars offer a diverse and thrilling world to explore.